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HGM1750 Genset Controller

  • Product Brand:ETONE / Smartgen
  • Product Model:HGM1750
  • Product Description:

Product Description

HGM1750 for a generator / engine display protection module can display generator / engine electrical parameters (such as voltage, speed, temperature, oil pressure, fuel-bit, etc.) can also detect failures (oil down, the water temperature / cylinder temperature Gao, emergency stop alarm, speeding, etc.) to issue stop orders. Graphic LCD display panel and instructions parametric fault state, providing a real and effective fault alarm signal.


performance and characteristics

« ?microprocessor core, large-screen LCD with blue backlight displays icons symbols could be that oil machine and electrical parameters and alarm volume.

« Wide range of power supply (8-35) VDC, can adapt to the environment 12V or 24V starter batteries.

« have the power, speed, temperature, pressure, liquid level sensor input port, to achieve power of the digital display. Can detect and display of electricity are:

« Power voltage V?
« Power Frequency Hz
« Engine Temperature o C
« Oil pressure kPa
« Speed r / m?
« Total running time hc?
« The battery voltage V?
« Fuel-Bit%?
« power voltage, battery voltage, speed, temperature, pressure, liquid level sensor thresholds can be set as alarm or warning can be realized the amount of:?
« High-temperature warning, shutdown?
« Low oil pressure warning, parking?
« Bit low fuel warning
« Generating high-voltage warning, parking
« Alarm over frequency shutdown
« Speed alarm shutdown?
« Emergency Stop
« Shutdown failure?
« Charging failure?
« The battery voltage is too high a warning
« The battery voltage is too low Warning?
« software settings can be set to the engine controller controller (do not choose to power voltage input).
« panel equipped with red light-emitting diode (LED) display the work and alarm state.
« provide charging alternator excitation function. Speed signal desirableSince the power frequency or speed sensors.?
« a variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor can be used directly, and can custom curves.?
« Programmable input port with a switch capacity can choose different functions according to user needs.?
« mouth through the LINK program testing software for PC-parameter settings (using the company's SG72 adapter),PC machines only a USB interface, parameters can be set in the real machine or not to take batteries from the USB to the PC, controller supplies power to carry out parameter settings.?

« Modular structure design, fire-retardant ABS plastic shell, embedded installation, compact structure, small size, advanced MCU control, stable performance, easy to operate


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