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Transformer Product details

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Product Description:

Transformer Product details

ET-SG isolation transformer 
Product Overview 
ET-DG/SG series single, coherent three isolation transformer is specialized in the production of high-quality materials and advanced technology, Deutsche similar products of Siemens latest research 
Made the development of low-voltage transformer capacity from 100VA to 600KVA between. Their appearance and installation dimensions have been standardized, and Siemens 4AP 
General, in accordance with VDE0550, IEC204-1, IEC439, JB5555, GB5226 and other international and national standards. Various input and output voltage of the product 
The level of the linking groups, how much adjustment tap position (typically ± 5% or ± 10%) can be customized according to the user, is suitable for AC 50-60HZ 
Input, the output voltage does not exceed the 1000V supply spaces. Air self-cooling of the products, with small size, light weight, heat insulation 
Level high, plus protective shell or outside the box to protect the personal safety and anti-smashing. 
ET-DG/SG series of dry-type isolation transformer imports of 

high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, column core, Y / Yn connection mode, reasonable structure, good performance, 

High efficiency and low noise. Original, pay coil good insulation and isolation, to pay the edge of the circuit from the power grid and outside interference of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. 
Transformer installed in the protective nets within or outside the box, in order to maintain the security, good heat dissipation. CNC machine tool control system can be widely used for the control and power supply 
Type: Dry-type isolation transformer 
Capacity: 0.5KVA--600KVA 
Output voltage: any 
Suitable for AC 50Hz to 400Hz, the voltage below 600V lighting, electrical machines, machinery and electronic equipment, various power rectifier device circuit 
Major component
1), the core material: the core material of the transformer are mainly silicon steel sheet, the quality and efficiency of the transformer, with the use of silicon steel quality has a great Off 
Silicon steel sheets are selected by the Department of the Company B value 12000-16000 of Japan's imports of high-flux silicon steel sheet. 
2), the winding material: usually enameled wire, yarn envelope, silk envelope. General selection of high-strength double glass envelope, conductivity and 
Good heat resistance, the corrosion resistance. 
3), insulating material: in the wound transformer coil frame interlayer isolation, isolation between the windings are to be used an insulating material. General change 
Pressure control framework materials available phenolic cardboard production, can be used between layers polyester film, winding isolation available yellow wax cloth. 
4), impregnating material: transformer last is impregnated with insulating varnish, it can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, to improve the insulation performance and prolong life. 
The Company cresol varnish impregnated material. 
1) Japanese imports of high-flux silicon steel sheet, system stability and reliability, low loss; 
2), the primary and secondary windings of electrical completely isolated to the third harmonic, and inhibit the ability of all kinds of interference; 
3), the coil overall VPI vacuum pressure impregnation, and then the high-temperature curing dry, the film is bright and uniform, do not crack, PD ≤ 5pc; 
4), flame retardant, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fire. Under high temperature flaming, SG transformer almost no smoke; 
5), film adhesion, high mechanical strength, has excellent resistance to moisture, salt spray, dust capacity, suitable to run in the severe pollution of the environment; 
6), the insulating layer is extremely thin and uniform, short-time overload capacity is very strong, without forced cooling. 120% of the long-term overload 140% overload 3 hours; 
7), this series of products, low noise, over-current protection, widely applicable load can withstand instantaneous overload, long-term continuous work

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